Web Accessibility

Animated infographic about web accessibility. The video is based on selected information from WCAG–Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Problem Statement

People with disabilities represent about 20% of the population, but many companies do not make sure that their website is accessible to everyone.

According to Swedish law, services and information provided by the public sector must meet certain accessibility requirements.


I used royalty free illustrations for this project. They can be found at humaaans.com. I kept the default colors and also used some of them for backgrounds.


This is a degree project created as a part of the Digital Designer programme at Yrgo. I did a lot of research, but looking back I realize that I should have done even more. The challenge is to find the most relevant pieces of information and present them in a way that is easy to understand.

The project was limited to five weeks and I had planned my time carefully, but I underestimated the storyboarding process. In the future, I will definitely spend more time on sketching.