Jämlik stad

Crowdfunding app supporting organizations that are working to improve living conditions and health for those in need.


City of Gothenburg (pitch)


The City of Gothenburg is working towards becoming a socially sustainable city. As a part of their initiative Equal City, they wanted ideas on how to make it easy for people to support local organizations that share the same goal.

The concept was pre-defined to include crowdfunding and aim to bring the private sector and the civil society closer together. A simple solution would allow for the user to interact with the service and make a contribution.


1. Create opportunity for businesses and the public to contribute to organizations
2. Build a bridge between different sectors of society
3. Encourage users to engage in social initiatives
4. Establish credibility through simplicity and creativity


The colors are all part of the visual identity of the City of Gothenburg. Collectively they represent what Swedes often recognize as trustworthy. Blue and yellow—the colors of our flag—combined with light shades of green and grey for a clean and simple feel. This leaves room for playful elements and high quality images with a cool or neutral tone.

Core user needs

Why do people donate money to charity? Because it feels good to help others. But in this case there is also a long-term interest, especially for businesses. Supporting equality is a good investment. A socially sustainable society is more efficient and holds good conditions for developing a flourishing market.

To be in control

The foundation of the app is the filter. It allows the user to specify what kind of organization they are interested in. After reading through the additional information, the user can choose to make a donation.


The navigation bar is easily accessed from the bottom of the screen. The donate button appears both on the quick view card and the additional information page to make transactions quick and easy.

To feel secure

Since the app handles money, it’s important for the user to feel safe. The City of Gothenburg already has the necessary prerequisite as a municipality to launch this service. Using established payment methods such as Swish and Klarna facilitates secure and smooth payments.

A sense of the greater good

The statistics tab shows what the community has accomplished so far, and highlights the most generous corporate donations. To give smaller businesses an equal opportunity to be featured, the list is based on the size of the donation compared to the size of the company.