In Depth

A website designed to fit a record label for contemporary Danish classical music. A fictive project created as a part of the Digital Designer programme at Yrgo.


What would a website for a record label for Danish classical music look like? There were a few required pages listed in the brief—a landing page, upcoming shows, about the composers and of course, a contact page.


1. Create an aesthetic that represents the genre
2. Communicate with dedication and confidence
3. Build a brand


When listening to some well-known Danish pieces, a few key words came to mind: Scandinavian, architecture, vivid, nature and modern.
The colors are what you would find looking out your window on a late summer evening in Denmark. Warm, earthy tones capture the Scandinavian landscape and introduce a sense of calm, just like the music itself. It is genuine, and allows for creativity to flow freely.
Classical music today is often consumed through film, television and games. Young creators have broaden the perception of what classical music is, or can be. The site is designed with this in mind.

Core user needs

No matter what your intentions are when visiting the In Depth site, the goal is to make you feel as though you've gained something. Whether it’s information, inspiration or motivation—hopefully you find a little more than you were looking for.

To feel welcome

If you can’t seem to identify with the image of composers in the past, In Depth provides an alternative community. Representing the physical location of the company, the landing page contains airy images with a rustic and industrial feel. The grid system contains all menu items for easy access, and allows for new items to be added.

To explore

The composers are the core of the label. Their work is featured on the composers page, along with a short biography and links to Spotify and other social media. The book-like layout is an homage to the arts and literature, an appreciation of the old and the new.

To experience

Streaming is great, but nothing beats a live performance. See what the artists are up to and experience the music the way it was intended, fueled by the great acoustics of a concert hall. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Sign up, and receive emails about upcoming shows.