Arctic Paper Holiday Card

Holiday Card specially made for the launch of the new paper Arctic Volume Ice.


Arctic Paper


Every year, Arctic Paper makes a global holiday card for their 14 European sales offices to send out to their clients. The recipients include designers, publishers, printers and agencies.

To launch the new paper Arctic Volume Ice, the company wanted something interesting and innovative this year. Something that does the paper justice and shows the possibilities of high quality paper. The card was printed at Göteborgstryckeriet.


1. Make recipients consider paper for their future projects
2. Creative use of printing techniques such as embossing
3. Promote the new paper Arctic Volume Ice


Arctic Volume Ice is the clearest shade of white Arctic Paper has ever produced. With such a distinctive name, the motif was almost a given. The Arctic landscape represents winter, but doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Christmas. This was a great place to start since the card would go out internationally, as a holiday card.

The Card

For details, read more about this project at the printing company’s website


The iceberg has no printed lines, instead each section has its own level. The glossy finish on the top right section represents sunlight reflecting of the icy surface. The stars are made of foil and has a multi-colored shimmer effect, which is visible on the physical card.


What reminds us more of the north than northern lights? The colors come as a pleasant surprise when the recipient opens the card and they also add a little well-needed contrast to the composition.


The envelope is based on the eight stars on the card. A line is drawn between them to form a constellation. A stamp can easily be placed in the top right corner, and in the lower right corner there is plenty of room for the address.